Printing, Handmade Paper

Tumbled Houses started as a quick way to do five independent prints for a wooden village in the planning stages.  I placed the cuts on one Speedy block expecting to cut the block apart. When I pulled the proof, I liked the art as it was and kept it whole.  Subsequent prints were cut apart for the village below.
The printed houses were hand colored with watercolors and ink details were placed in various windows.  The paper was decoupaged onto the wood front, back and sides.  This village was inspired by Waldspirale Haus in Darmstadt, Germany, designed by Friedenreich Hundertwasser of Austria, one of my favorite artists.

Lady in the vase

Linoleum block print

Image size: 6" x 9"

Limited edition


This paper was completely handmade in a workshop at Sarvisberry Gallery and Studio in Floyd, Va.  All the artwork was applied with tinted paper pulp.  When complete it must be heavily pressed to extract all the water and dried slowly.

The inspiration for this print came from a ceramic vase I bought at an antique mall in Williamsburg, Va. It's pure white and the big circle around the lady's head is a hat.  Flowers go behind her hat forming a lovely and colorful contrast to the white.  One day I filled it with white and wine-colored freesia and turned on the light above it to take a photo to send to my sister. That photo had an amazing arrangement of shadows on the hat and face and inspired me to make the print you see today.  Must admit I got a bit carried away so it took a day and a half to carve the two blocks required to make a two-color print.

Another paper pulp creation with accents of ink, oil pastels, and stamping